What Can You Expect in and Around Madhavaram in 5 Years?


Madhavaram, located in North Chennai, has emerged as a preferred residential destination. The area comes under the Chennai Municipal Corporation, something that has ensured proper development and upkeep of its various localities. People prefer to look for apartments in Madhavaram, as the area offers various advantages such as fresh air, green spaces, wide and clean roads, public parks, and educated and friendly people. Basic social infrastructure such as schools & colleges, hospitals, retail markets, religious centres, shopping malls, etc. is also abundant in Madhavaram. Moreover, the future outlook of Madhavaram appears promising, as a number of development projects are being undertaken in the area. These projects will further boost the area’s growth and improve the quality life of its residents. Here’s what you can expect in and around Madhavaram in 5 years.

Metro Rail:

With the completion of Phase-I Metro project in Chennai, the Chennai Metro Rail Corporation (CMRL) has begun work on Phase-II of the project. In the second phase, there will be three metro corridors. One of these will be the link between Madhavaram to Siruseri, which will be 45.77 km. The second metro route will be between Madhavaram and Sholinganallur, which will be 44.66 km. The third link will be CMBT to Light House, which will be 17.12 km. Overall, the three Metro corridors will be 107 km long, some of which will be elevated and the rest underground. CMRL has already started land acquisition in Madhavaram, where two of the new Metro lines will intersect. Madhavaram will have one of the largest metro stations in Chennai. From Madhavaram, the metro will pass through GNT Road, Chennai-Srikakulam Highway, and Chennai’s city center, eventually terminating at Sholinganallur and Siruseri.

Metro rail has shown to act as a catalyst for growth and development of nearby areas. With Madhavaram slated to get Metro rail connectivity, it will be a great boon for its residents. Madhavaram already has a robust road network connecting it to various parts of Chennai, but Metro rail will be certainly a lot more convenient and time-saving for commuters.

Satellite inter-city bus terminal:

To ease the pressure on the Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT) located in Chennai, the authorities have planned to develop two satellite inter-city bus terminals in the city. One of these satellite bus terminals is being developed in Madhavaram and the second one in Velachery. The satellite inter-city bus terminal in Madhavaram is being developed within the existing Madhavaram Bus and Truck Terminal. It is being developed on a plot of 8 acres and the total project cost is Rs 95 crore. It will prove to be beneficial for people who intend to travel to Andhra Pradesh and other neighbouring cities and states. The project was proposed in 2011, but it took a lot of time to get approvals for the project. This is why it was delayed for several years. However, construction is being carried out at a fast pace now and the project is slated to be completed soon.

Dedicated 24/7 water supply:

The Chennai Municipal Corporation has planned to provide 24/7 water supply to the extended areas of the city such as Madhavaram. Some extended areas of Chennai Corporation have already started receiving piped water supply on a regular basis. The plan is to make this service available 24/7 in the coming years. In Madhavaram, the 24/7 water supply scheme is currently in the process of being implemented. The project is being executed by the Chennai Metro Water Supply and Sewage Board (CMWSSB). The project has been funded through grants received from the state government, central government and other lenders. The project will involve public-private partnership, as there are several non-core processes such as billing, revenue collections, consumer complaints management, etc. The 24/7 water supply to the extended areas will end the disparity that these areas face in comparison to the core areas of the city.

World-class sewerage systems:

The extended areas of Chennai Corporation such as Madhavaram will be getting an upgrade of the existing sewerage system. The new sewerage systems will be built as per world-class standards and are expected to be even better than what one can find in the core areas of the city. The sewerage upgrade project has been started in various extended areas of the city including Madhavaram. This project has come at just the right time for Madhavaram, as the area is witnessing a real estate boom. With an increasing local population, the upgraded sewerage systems will ensure that Madhavaram residents can continue to enjoy the clean environs and fresh air in the coming years as well. It would also be beneficial for the environment, as several new sewage treatment plants will be set up to treat wastewater and make it available for gardening, construction, etc.

Beautification and restoration of lakes:

Madhavaram is surrounded by various lakes such as Retteri Lake, Puzhal Lake, Korattur Lake, and Ambattur Lake. The Chennai Corporation has planned to undertake restoration and beautification of these lakes so that it can have a positive impact on health, hygiene, and environment. Overall, 25 water bodies will be covered under the beautification and restoration project. Parks and recreational zones are also planned to be developed around these lakes so that people can spend quality time here with their loved ones. Some of the lakes near Madhavaram will also feature dedicated facilities for water sports. The beautification and restoration of lakes in and around Madhavaram will significantly boost the aesthetic aspects of the area.The project is being implemented at a cost of Rs 500 crore. The primary agencies involved include CMWSSB / Greater Chennai Corporation and PWD.

As compared to other locations in Chennai, the property rates in Madhavaram are still comparably cheap. Even when real estate is booming in Madhavaram, property prices remain to be affordable. Irrespective of whether you choose a 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK flat or a luxury apartment, you will always save when you invest in a property in Madhavaram. Affordable prices, coupled with the possibility of good returns in the future, provide the right reasons to buy a property in Madhavaram.

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