Western Chennai is definitely the perfect place to invest in properties

The West Ward: 8 Answers why west chennai is hotspot of  residential development.

Property Investment seems to be the hottest topic in investment circles take Lokaa M-one in north Chennai as an example  its seen as a wonder in north Chennai but why are we not concentrating on treasure hidden among industries  “West Chennai“.

West Chennai is region of Chennai metropolitan area encompassing localities in Chennai District areas such as Porur, Ramapuram etc, In Tirvallur district such as Poonamallee, Nazarethpet while in Kanchipuram district such as Sriperumbadur, Oragadam . 

Lets see the  8 Point to prove west Chennai is the next big thing.

1. What about water resources there?

Water is seen as life source and all through human history civilisations have sprouted from Banks of Water bodies, West Chennai can be called the land of Lakes and reservoirs, From Porur Lake chembarambakkam lake the count goes on for water resources in this vicinity. Such is the Water resource management which guarantees high supply of water and provides ease of water to its residents. This Areas is  seen as ever filled with water resources and Why worry when you have serene lakes and water sources to service you ?

2. How famous is this for industries ?

Daimler, Danfoss, Audi, Honda don’t they all sound familiar? Absolutely, these are industrial moguls situated in western Chennai. This is enough to make western Chennai the most sought out of all new development hotspots. Imagine, a bustling a city sphere which is not in a city! West Chennai is the place to be if you love being surrounded by Industries for a Career growth.

3. How connected?

There aren’t much to explain about roadways rather the roadways speak for themselves namely Chennai by pass, Outer ring road, Chennai -Bangalore highway what not? Imagine an Home beside a road which can take you to Ambattur from Tambaram in just 15 minutes. This is exactly  why western Chennai is best of its league. The roadways are impeccable and legend worthy add low price tags of real estate, why does it sound like a daylight robbery?

4. How about price tag?

Any Land property has its appreciation value, Basic accounting rule is a Land asset cannot be depreciated or devalued which means the land asset has increasing base price. Western Chennai even though has been facing development since industrial boom but the real estate sales have not caught up with the development this can be partly be blamed on lack of railways and airport but with an airport coming in vicinity (See the next point) the land prices are set to surge and current period is the best time to buy a land property and lay back to relax until its reach its pinnacle. 

5. How far is it from greenfield airport ?

As per ministry of an aviation report a new Chennai airport is being developed in sriperumbadur or madurantakam two towns located in kanchipuram district. Ideally these two locations are much accessible and in fact much nearer to West Chennai locality this is a major point of interest for many industries which are based in japan and south korea as they are seen as the prime funder of this Greenfield project. This is a blessing in disguise to escape the airport traffic in Chennai city and ease of reaching the flights in low traffic and relaxed manner. Does it mean that frequent travellers have to buy a land in west Chennai? Absolutely.

6. How safe is it ?

Crime unfortunately is an existent evil. It exists everywhere from major cities to remote of all villages. western Chennai is much more calmer and very organized, Presence of industrial estates has made the government to focus more on law enforcements which in turn has made it more safer for its residents. Added advantage is its nearby villages and farmlands which gives importance towards citizen vigilantism makes it a more appealing and safe environment for its residents. 

7.How about education ?

From well reputed PSBB school in Gergumbakkam to Omega public school in kolapakkam to St.Joseph ‘s school in Poonamallee to Chennai public school in Tirumazhisai, For college education it has SRM university to MGR Educational Institution to Panimalar college of engineering to saveetha university… List goes on. 
In recent times west Chennai has started to be seen as an educational hub as new colleges have started to sprout in nook and corner, This is far more than enough to satisfy any parent who want their child to have good education. Do parents with kids have to move to west Chennai for peaceful environment for their kids to get educated? Say no further and move to Western Chennai the new educational hub . 

8. How far are medical facilities ?

Now coming to the most important of all points, “medical care” and Western Chennai is one its way to become the Medical hub of Chennai. Miot hospital in porur to Apollo hospital in Vanagram, To acs medical college in Poonamallee to Saveetha medical college in Chemabarambakkam this locale is filled with high class medical facilities.What more do its residents need than international class medical facilities in next door ? 

Western Chennai is definitely the to go place to invest in properties .

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