Tips to Make the Right Property Investment for NRIs

Indian real estate market is flourishing every day. With a plethora of options from villas to super luxurious homes, NRI investments are growing fast. Undoubtedly, investing in the real estate market involves a huge capital and stimulates several thoughts in the minds of investors. Obviously, the concerns of the NRI investors cannot be overlooked because without any physical proximity to the property, they get surrounded by many questions leaving them in dilemma about their investment plans.

The article highlights on a few essential tips for NRIs that will help them in making a right property investment.

Visit the property personally

It is certainly an expensive thought, but the next time when you visit India, make sure to closely check the property by giving a personal visit to the place. This is a sure shot way to check the authenticity of the property. If in case you are not in a position to visit personally, ask a trusted friend or relative to do the homework for you.

Thorough checking of the property

Check as many properties as you can. Check at least 50-60 properties and shortlist about 20-30 from the checked lot. Do a complete scrutiny of every shortlisted property and then settle on one. You will definitely get your best deal after doing this vast homework.


You cannot overlook the location. After all, the location of the place will determine the resale value of a property in the near future.

Builder’s credibility

Before buying any property, gather as much information as possible about the builder you want to deal with. It is important to do a thorough research on the professional background of a builder to check his credibility in the industry. Also, it is important to find out whether the builder complies with the construction laws in India.

Legality checks

It is advisable for NRIs to check the past history of the builder or the present owner of the property. Also, understand if there are any legal disputes associated with the property of interest. It will help in making a sound deal.

Housing Loan

Firstly, housing loan relates to crucial documentation process in India. For NRIs, the process is different. It is certainly a great point that helps in acquiring a loan from reputed banks. These banks have short-listed builders for whom they have a facility of a pre-approved loan. They will never approve loans for builders that lack a track record. With approved home loan, your investment goes to safe place fulfilling your dream of acquiring a property in India.


Keep a check on accessible amenities like electricity, water supply, garbage disposal service and other infrastructure of the place so that you have access to all the basic facilities when you plan a visit to your country. Even if you are planning to rent out the property, the need for access to all the basic facilities becomes coveted.


Get as much information on property laws in India and cross-check with your choice of builder. 80 per cent of your purchase decision will depend on this legitimate information.

Legal documents

Make sure that you get a hold of the legal papers as soon as the deal is done. This ensures that the home is approved and covers all the legal aspects.

The above-mentioned tips will help you find your way to your dream vacation home in India. So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get chasing!

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