Tallest things in Namma Chennai – Participate in #TallestChennaite Contest

Are you a Proud Chennaite? Then we are sure you will be familiar with these tall structures in Chennai! And our latest project M One, being the tallest residential complex makes it to the list of the tallest Structures in Chennai! 

  1. The Ramco Cements Limited (Formerly Madras Cements Ltd) installed a windmill in Muppandal with a height of 78metres and claims it to be the Tallest Windmill in the city!                                                                                 Tallest Windmill in the city
  2. The vast area occupied by the Banyan tree belongs to the Theosophical Society, which stretches from a bridge at the banks of Adyar River to the Seashore and the Banyan tree is in the center. It measures 238ft from north to south and 250ft from east to west.                                                                                                                        Tallest tree in the city 
  3. A large twin arch called the Anna arch marks the entrance of the southern part of Anna Nagar on the Third Avenue. Each arch stands 52 ft tall and weighs 82 tonnes.                                                                                      Tallest arch in the city    
  4. The Anjaneya Temple at Nanganallur, Chennai is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Hanuman. The principal idol of Hanuman is 32-feet tall and sculpted from a single piece of granite.                                                            Tallest idol in the city
  5. Hyatt Regency –A five-star hotel with contemporary design and authentic services has a floor count of 18 with the total height of 71m (233ft) and a floor area of 800000sq.ft.                                                                              Tallest hotel in the city 
  6. Kapaleeswarar temple – located at Mylapore is the oldest temple in the city with the shiva idol and a height of 37m of its gopuram.                                                                                                                                                  Tallest temple in the city 
  7. Anna Tower, one of the primary landmarks in Anna Nagar is a 138 feet (42 m) tall tower built in 1968 and is the tallest tower in Chennai!                                                                                                                                         Tallest tower in the city  
  8. M One by Lokaa Developer is the Tallest Residential Complex of North Chennai with 23 floors of sheer luxury and is a home to various luxurious amenities like Swimming pool, Mini Theatre, Gym, Children’s play area, cafeteria and much more! 
    Tallest apartment in the cityWant to know more about our offerings? 
    Visit us at www.lokaa.in!
  9. Mint clock tower: Located in George town, 60ft tall and happens to be one of the four standalone clock towers of the city and is the tallest of all!                                                                                                                              Tallest clock tower in the city          
  10. Well, we are yet to find the right one who can fit in this frame! Do you think you can be the #TallestChennaite?   Tallest in the city   

Send us a picture of yours and try your luck for winning the title of the ‪#‎TallestChennaite‬ & an exclusive gift voucher worth Rs. 5,000 from Style One. 
All you have to do is click a picture of yours and send it to us along with your details. You can Upload the image here: http://lokaa.in/tallest-chennaite-contest/

Terms and Conditions of the contest:
1. Send us your tallest picture by uploading it here: http://lokaa.in/tallest-chennaite-contest/
2. Do not forget to fill in all the details! 
3. Only one entry per person is allowed.
4. The tallest participant wins the title and the gift voucher worth Rs. 5,000. 
5. The authenticity of the information provided by the participants will be confirmed through a personal meet with the shortlisted contestants. 
6. The first prize winner gets an exclusive voucher worth Rs. 5,000 from Style One. Second and Third prize winners get a gift voucher worth Rs. 3,000 & Rs. 2,000 from Style One respectively.
7. Team Lokaa Developer owns all rights to the contest and team’s decision is final and bounding.
8. The contest ends on 15th May 2016.
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