Planning to Move to a Luxurious Apartment? – Here are Things to be Focused on.

Owning a home is the ultimate goal for some of us. So many of us would surely remember the days we used to draw our amateur dream house and do a silly explanation of it to our friends. We then work our whole lives to get to a point where the dream becomes a reality. Luxury apartments are trending today in Chennai real estate market because they provide an all-inclusive approach to the apartment living. Luxury here is not some random things that are paid a fortune for, rather it is the comfort and security offered. In our culture, even though we have almost adopted a nuclear lifestyle, we value family in every sense. When you purchase a luxury home or any home for that matter, you would have to satisfy the needs of every single member of your family. One thing to keep in mind would be, luxury apartments are a tad bit costlier than the usual ones and you need to give your best shot at choosing them. Keep the following points in mind to choose a smarter lifestyle with the right developer.

Moving to new house

→ Location & Accessibility:

Developers these days pick the right spot when it comes to luxury apartments. But, the problem here might be accessibility. When you have a luxury apartment in the south of Chennai and your workspace is in the north of Chennai then what is the point of purchasing a luxury apartment that is going to be empty most of the time. This might apply to everyone at home. So, make sure that the apartment is close to all the necessary places for your family. Schools and hospitals are a must within a 1km radius of the luxury apartment that you are about to choose.

→ Appearance/ Architectural uniqueness:

When you are about to spend a fortune or your whole life savings on a single thing it is ok to fill yourself beyond the brim. Luxury apartments are mostly built with a unique architectural style. Who would say no to your apartment being the tallest in the city and becoming a landmark by itself? No one. Look for the features within the apartment and the surroundings. Lush green surroundings or a green wall would look and feel amazing.

→ Amenities:

Most high-end luxury projects offer most amenities that is expected by the buyers in that area. The key here is to look for a one-stop-solution. Once you get inside the gates of your apartment complex, you should have everything within. Starting from basic facilities like a grocery store to huge ones like a community hall for parties and occasions of any sort should be inside of the complex. Take a look at some of the must-have amenities in your luxury apartment:

  • GYM- Wouldn’t it be amazing to get that envious bod by just stepping out of your door? Look for a place which has an in-house gymming facility and if you are a fitness freak it would be an added bonus if you could get the same floor as the gym.
Gym Inside Luxury Apartments
  • On-call services- In this fast-paced world with every member of the family running to chase dreams, it isn’t possible to complete household chores and go about our day. It is important to look for apartments with on-call facilities like, laundry services, dog-walking service, electrician and plumbing services, babysitting services and any other that is a must-be-present for you.
  • The size of the apartment itself- Do not fall for misrepresentation. It is ideal to look at the actual apartment that you are about to occupy. Some builders might show you the model apartment and mislead you with the luxurious interiors and pleasing lighting. Either look at the actual apartment you are about to buy or go for a RERA abided reputed builder who is transparent and true to his word.
  • The noise level- Honks and other harsh noises of the city are one of the things to watch out for when you are about to choose your home. It might affect the overall experience of the lifestyle.
  • Mini theatre- You could just book a spot and invite your entire family over to watch your favourite movie, call-in the gang for a sleepover and have overloaded fun in the mini theatre. Either way, it is a great way to watch your all-time favourites and get some family time.
  • Uninterrupted power and water supply- Water scarcity are at its prime in Chennai and only some spots within the city offer access to unlimited water supply. Choose a place that is located near a lake or next to the Metro water supply.
  • Natural breeze and sunlight- How great would it be to take a sunbath in your private balcony? Or to grow some of your favourite plants. It’s vital to look for a spot that has good open-sky-space. This could help to let in fresh air. Who would like to wake up to a sunkissed morning?
  • Car parking- Car Parking comes as a hurdle to most since it is bought separately. Make sure that you have a perfect parking space for your entire family. The ideal one you should be looking for is a space that could hold a car, 2 bikes and cycles.
  • Green building- Sustainable living is a major part of today’s culture. Opt for a self-sustaining eco-friendly apartment that uses resources in the right way by recycling and making sure that water and energy are not wasted.
Greener Building

→ Security:

Apartments are the safest habitats because of their impeccable security systems. There are 24/7 security cameras and security guards who control the in-and-out flow. When it comes to luxury apartments it is a mandatory criterion that the security is impenetrable. Choose developers who do one better and offer you smart security systems, as you would be able to monitor your homes through your mobile phones itself.

Whatever said, extravagance differs from person to person. What might be a luxury to me could just be common to you or the other way around. Say for example one might find a sea-facing apartment a luxury and another might find the presence of an in-house spa a luxury. It is wise to self-analyse and get suggestions from your entire family before you settle on a choice.

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