Know Your Neighbourhood Around Madhavaram

When searching for a place to live, there are some important factors to consider like safety, amenities, connectivity, schooling etc. One of the biggest factors that people generally forget when determining whether a purchased home will rise or fall in value is its neighbourhood. After all, you are partly buying a home because it might be close to your work place, school, stores, restaurants, temples etc. The main implication is that investors need to look beyond the physical attributes of home and concentrate on how its location in market will perform in future.

In a city like Chennai, where real estate is booming like never before it becomes difficult to determine the location for investment. Madhavaram is definitely one of the most elite and prestigious place to reside in North Chennai. With its evolution to amazing residential projects, Madhavaram is the most sought after place for residential investment. It offers close proximity to airport, railway station and bus terminus. If you are planning to relocate or make fresh investment, buying a luxury flat in Madhavaram can prove to be a great locality. Here are some interesting neighbourhood places near Madhavaram you should know:

Kesarwadi Jain Temple

Chennai has one of largest populations of Jains residing in India. Also the city has numerous Jain Temples, and one of the best known is Kesarwadi Jain Temple. This is an ancient Jain temple said to have build during first century B.C. Located in Red hills area, the temple has unique and religious importance for Jainism followers. It is just about 10 KM from Madhavaram and easily accessible via bus and autos.

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS)

TANUVAS located in Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai is the biggest Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Tamil Nadu. There are 7 more constituent colleges associated to TANUVAS located in various parts of Tamil Nadu including Namakkal District, Thiruvallur District, Tanjavur Districts and others. The university is the best landmark for people having their flats in Madhavaram and for people wanting to study Veterinary and Animal Sciences. TANUVAS is located at 2 KM from Madhavaram.

Madhavaram Milk Colony

The area of Madhavaram Milk Colony is tremendously popular for its milk supply of Aavin Company. Otherwise known as MMC or Palpannai in North Chennai is bordered with Kodungaiyur to east and Madhavaram to west. The area is calm, cool and away from busy urban life of Chennai. Other than milk supply, the locality also has Retort Laboratories and Medimix manufacturer. For people having their homes in Madhavaram can enjoy coming to the domestic animal park in the Milk Colony. Madhavaram Milk Colony is 2 KM away from Madhavaram.

Retteri Lake

Chennai’s biggest lake, Retteri is located in Kolathur and visible from 100 ft road of city. The lake is spread over 5.42 Million square meters, shares the water bodies with Red Hills reservoir and Korattur Lake. Currently, Retteri Lake is going under renovation including removing vegetation, add boating, build park of 3 KM long and many other incorporation need to make in the allotted budget of Rs 850 million. The place is the most beautiful neighbourhood of Madhavaram, which is just 5 KM away.

Kailasanathar Temple

Kailasanathar Temple is popularly known as Shivan Temple where Lord Shiva and Divine Mother Shakti are been worshiped by the followers. This temple is said to be 1,300 year old, which makes it one of the oldest temple in Chennai. It is always kept neat and clean and the architecture is often a reason of admiration for tourist. Other places of worship include, Vishnu Temple, St. Sebastian Church, and Bethesda Evangelical Church. Shivan Temple is just about 1 KM from Madhavaram Bus Depot.

Puzhal Lake

Puzhal Lake or Red Hills Lake is located in the locality of Red Hills was built during British Rule in 1876. There is a Jones Tower in Puzhul Lake that measures Lake’s water level. The surrounding area of Puzhal Lake is filled with greenery, as a result many people come there for morning/evening walk, exercise or just to spend an evening with family in a calming environment. The Lake is about 9 KM from Madhavaram and accessible via bus/auto.

Greenfield Chennai International School

Greenfield Chennai International School is based on CBSE/IGCSE pattern and believes in quality education. It is one of the best schools in City where teacher’s methodology helps every child to nurture on their own. Children are exposed to various latest field of education such as Robotic and computers. School also focus on extracurricular activities and hygiene on each child. If you are planning to buy a house in Madhavaram, Greenfield Chennai International School should be the school choice for your child.

Such amazing neighbourhood makes Madhavaram a reliable place to invest in real estate. Also with great infrastructure projects coming up in and around, there are no denying that Madhavaram is the hottest property destination in Chennai.

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