Why Madhavaram Is The Best Area For Property Appreciation

Return on Investment (RoI) is likely to be one of the key things on your mind when you are planning to buy a home in Chennai. There are many locations in Chennai that offer good value in terms of property appreciation. One such area is Madhavaram in North Chennai, which has emerged as a leading real estate hub in recent times. Madhavaram is one of the fastest growing property markets in North Chennai and there’s huge potential to be unlocked in the coming years. Madhavaram can be a good choice if you are targeting the best returns on your property investment. Here are some reasons, as to why Madhavaram is the best area for property appreciation.

Price factor: One of the primary reasons why people are flocking to Madhavaram is the competitive pricing of its homes. As compared to South and Central Chennai, homes in Madhavaram offer a cost advantage of 20-30 percent. This is providing the right incentive to people who invest in Madhavaram. If you are targeting property appreciation, you can achieve that in Madhavaram by investing a lot less. The choice of a fast growing property market coupled with reduced investment exposure will significantly cut down your investment risks.

Flourishing social infrastructure: Another reason why Madhavaram is being preferred by homebuyers is that the area has a flourishing social infrastructure. Schools, hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment hubs, recreational zones, and religious places including temples and churches are aplenty in Madhavaram. The social infrastructure in Madhavaram will continue to improve as more and more people make it their home.

Green environs: With pollution reaching dangerous levels in most cities, people are looking for areas that offer clean air and greenery. Madhavaram is one such area that lets its residents breathe in fresh air every day. The traffic is a lot less in Madhavaram, which helps maintain the quality of air. Also, there are beautiful lakes nearby Madhavaram such as Retteri Lake and Puzhal Lake. Such natural water bodies are great for spending quality time with family and friends. People prefer buying homes that are close to nature and Madhavaram scores high in this respect. Madhavaram is also home to Chennai’s largest botanical garden, which is spread across 28 acres of land and has 400 species of plants.

Good neighborhood: Madhavaram is considered a good neighborhood, as most of the people living in the area are educated, friendly, and welcoming. People who are investing in Madhavaram come from middle-income and upper-middle-income families, something that helps ensure proper civic sense. Most areas in Madhavaram are remarkably clean, which is also due to the fact that the area comes under municipal limits. There’s a proper system for waste disposal and other sanitation needs.

Good connectivity: Madhavaram is well connected to Central and South Chennai through road and rail networks. The frequency of MTC buses is quite good and autos are also available. Madhavaram is just 10 km from the airport and one can easily reach there by bus, auto or local train. Owing to the good connectivity, Madhavaram has become home for many people working in Central and South Chennai and other parts of the city as well.

Fun on the beach: If you are in Chennai, it’s impossible to not think about its lovely beaches. Madhavaram is not exactly on the beach, but it’s quite close. The nearest beach from Madhavaram is just 11 km away and it hardly takes 10 minutes to reach there. The proximity to several of Chennai’s beautiful beaches is one of the top reasons why people prefer Madhavaram.

Madhavaram is attracting homebuyers in droves, as it offers several advantages. Madhavaram has huge potential, as it has the largest land area in Chennai. The available land is consistently being utilized for residential, commercial and development projects.If you are targeting property appreciation, Madhavaram can provide you with a good investment opportunity.


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