Why Should You Invest in a Green Home?

Green homes are recognized as environment-friendly and sustainable. The idea of green homes focuses on efficient use of water, energy, and material. It cuts down the building’s impact on human health. Additionally, it improves the overall life cycle of the building.

With the international discussions on concepts like global warming, climate change, and energy efficiency, using renewable sources, green homes are gaining in popularity. Here are some of the reasons you should, when investing in a house, consider buying a green home instead.

1.  Contribute to the world

Green homes could be your contribution to the future generations. Green homes largely reduce the environmental impact to water, materials, waste, energy, and carbon emissions. They do this while ensuring that the homeowners comfort is not compromised.

2. Energy efficient

These homes are designed using efficient energy, which means that the costs of utility bills are also less. Green homes can reduce these bills to a large extent because of them being efficient enough to provide for upkeep that commercial establishments require other sources of energy for. They are also designed to provide natural light rather than artificial ones.

3. Meet sustainability regulations

The world is gradually realizing the impact of industrialization on the environment. A lot of countries are imposing safety and sustainability regulations on builders and developers which are to be abided by. India too, although not mandatorily just yet, seems to be opting sustainable or green buildings in terms of real estate.

4. Save money

Most of the material used are recyclable and therefore also tend to be easier to replace. You will need to spend less money on maintenance and repair; while ensuring that the expenditure on electricity, water and gas are also minimized.

5. Better quality of life

The pollution is considerably reduced because of the natural resources that are used in developing a green home. This means that the air you breathe in the house is healthier, making breathing better for you and your pets at home.

6. Durability

The materials used during the construction of these homes tend to be sturdier than building made of conventional materials, and therefore last longer.

7. Good investment

Because of their durability, green homes are a great form of investment. Looking at the conversations worldwide and people’s preference for sustainable resources, they have a great resale value.

8. Ventilation

The most obvious thing about green homes is that they rely largely on natural resources for good well-being, meaning that they have a better ventilation system. They utilize lower Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emitting materials which considerably improve the indoor air quality. Additionally, a lot of landscaping means better circulation of air.

9. Lead the way

Mostly, as a green homeowner, you can be a champion to the cause of sustainability. You can ensure that you influence your friends and family to opt for green homes as a way to save the planet for future generations. You can be the influence that makes the world a better place.

10. Save natural resources

Green homes naturally save resources. They incorporate minimal emission of fossil fuels, and other depleting sources. It also reduces heat in the house making the house feel cool even during the hot summer months.

Remember this is a new concept which is in its infant stage, and merely saying a building is ‘green certified’ does not mean that it is actually sustainable. Green buildings must be designed from their inception phase. Only this will ensure that the environmental impact of the building is minimized. So, make sure that when investing you go through all the required checks, qualifications, and the integrity of your builder.

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