15 Indoor & Outdoor Activities to Do in Chennai

Chennai is a city filled with opportunities (both for employment as well as happy living). It is no wonder that the city’s real estate sector has seen such an exponential rise. Based on the current figures, Chennai is the fastest growing metropolitan city of India that is filled with lots of scope for shopping, entertainment, healthcare, education and other important facets. Apart from these amenities, Chennai also offers scope for weekend fun through its endless list of indoor and outdoor activities.

Whether you love adventure sports or want to spend a relaxing time in spa, there are plenty of exciting options waiting for you in Chennai. It does not matter which age group you belong to, there is something for everyone in this city. So, let us check out some of the thrilling activities that this great city offers.

#1: Stay Amazed at the VGP Universal Kingdom

Let us start with this amazing park situated in Injambakkam. This is an amazing place to visit, for people of all ages. The VGP is one of the most innovative amusement parks in South India. There are 40 different thrilling rides available at the park, apart from the lush gardens, beautiful lawns beside the beach, Paneer Fort and the Statue Man. If you would like to spend some time in the water, there is also the VGP Aqua Kingdom, where one can enjoy wave pool, lazy river floating, wet rides, rain dance and gushing slides. If you get too hungry with all the activities, there is also a great food court present.

Venue: East Coast Road Injambakkam, Injambakkam

#2: Biking Tour to Kanchipuram

If you like riding, then this activity should be on your bucket list. Before participating in this biking expedition you need to hire a Royal Enfield motorcycle. The ride begins at 6:30 AM and after a short breakfast break, the riders make their way towards Kanchipuram, which is a silk and farming destination in Tamil Nadu. Along the way you can experience the amazing rural life and get great views of farms and paddy fields. After reaching Kanchipuram, you can witness the weaving of beautiful sarees (made from pure mulberry silk thread). You will be taken to the paddy fields to get a firsthand experience of cultivation. Apart from this, the riders visit the Kailasanathar temple which is a sample of the magnificent Pallava architecture.

Note: The biking tours are mostly organized at the weekends.

#3: Golfing at Sun Palm Golf Academy

If you like the game of Golf then head straight for this academy in Guindy. You would be provided with a golf kit and some balls. During this one hour session participants are provided a brief about playing the game and a know how to hit the balls towards the holes in the course. The instructor will guide you throughout the session and you will find yourself acquiring key golfing skills through the day.

Venue: Sun Palm Golf Academy, Racecourse Interior Road, Guindy

#4: Mixed Martial Arts at Mandaveli

Now, this is an activity that gets the adrenaline pumping. Mixed martial art is quite a rage when it comes to contact combat sports and the Learn to Win Academy allows you to learn this skill through their sessions. You can learn the basics of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing and wrestling. You would be taught the skills of striking and grappling the opponents. This is a great activity to spend a fun filled day and hone up the self-defense skills!

Venue: Learn to Win, 4/8, 3rd street, Valleswaran Garden, Rama Krishna Nagar, Mandaveli

#5: Joy Ride in a Private Plane

You can get a rare chance of enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Chennai, from 1000 feet above! Just sit back and enjoy the majestic views of Chennai along with its coastline. A session lasts for 30 minutes and you are sure to enjoy every minute of it. There would be a professional instructor within the flight to help you along the session.

Venue: Chennai International Airport, GST Rd, Meenambakkam

#6: Visit to Vandalur Zoo

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park, which is popularly referred to as the Vandalur Zoo is a great place to visit with your kids on one weekend. The park is a conservation site for the flora and fauna of the Eastern and the Western Ghats. The zoo is also used as an active breeding ground for many endangered species. While at the park, do visit the prey-predator enclosure, aquarium, nocturnal animal house, butterfly house, snake house and the white tiger enclosure.

Address: GST Road, Vandalur

#7: Walk on the Sands and more at Marina Beach

Marina Beach is India’s longest and world’s second longest beach. This sandy beach is a fun place to visit with family. Apart from enjoying great sunset views, do engage in some exciting beach side activities such as horse riding and hot air balloon rides. Other things to do while at the beach include exploring the ice house, aquarium, kite flying and even tasting some delicious sea food.

#8: Date with the Cold Blooded at Guindy Snake Park

Having a rich collection of snakes, tortoises, crocodiles, scorpions, earthworms, and mites, this unique park is a nice weekend destination for the Chennaiites. While at the park you can witness some of the rare species of snakes, crocodiles, and tortoises.

Address: Sardar Patel Road, Near Guindy National Park

#9: The Happening Fun City

Ask any Chennaiite, and Fun City will definitely be featured in his list of the most popular places to spend a weekend. There are plenty of fun games, activities, experiences and rides scattered through this amusement park. While the infants and toddlers especially like the ‘Fun Zone’, adults like the pool, bowling and dash car rides.

#10: Boating and Watersports in Muttukadu

Situated in the backwaters area of Kanchipuram district, Muttukadu is a good place to spend a day filled with all the water sports and boating fun. Some of the activities which are highly popular here are Dashing boats, Karnakasi ranger and Arrow loop roller coaster. Apart from these, keep some time in hand for a quick trip to the small handicraft village of Dakshinchitra.

Venue: East Coast Road, Muttukadu

#11: Get on a Roller Coaster at MGM Dizzee World

If you want to spend the perfect family time with your kids then you should head to the MGM Dizzee World. Situated along the East Coast Road, the MGM offers a wide variety of water slides, rides and swings. You would love the experience of riding in Disc saucer, Big wheel, Tomb Raider and Roll o Roll. Other attractions of the park include shoe house, rain tree and boat ride.

Venue: No. 1/74, East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Muttukadu

#12: Rejuvenate with Ayurvedic Massage

After a busy week at work, when you truly want to relax there can be nothing better than the full body warm oil Ayurvedic massage. This 60 minute session would be sufficient to relieve your body of the accumulated stress and toxins. Imparted by experienced masseurs, the massage improves circulation and rejuvenates your body and mind.

Venue: Le Royal Méridien Chennai, 1 GST Road, St Thomas Mount, Alandur

#13: Shoot some arrows at Vepery

Have your tryst with this ancient sport, through a sixty minute session. During the session you acquire knowledge, skills and are coached by qualified instructors. The session would definitely improve your concentration powers. And you would feel a great joy after hitting the target with precision on the archery board.

Venue: Vepery Church Road, Vepery, Periyamet

#14: Engage in a Paintball shooting game

During this thrilling sport, you have to play on an artificial terrain and fight against an opponent team in a war like setting. This is a thoroughly enjoyable team game, where the participants can have 15-30 minutes of unlimited enjoyment. You will be provided with requisite safety gear, paintball guns and 40 colorful paintballs.

Venue: Pattikulam Village, Inside Off Road, East Coast Road

#15: Kishkinta Theme Park

This theme park is situated on the outskirts of Chennai upon hills and lakes. The water and dry rides are especially popular in this park. Some of the much liked rides at this park are water rides such as Kamikaze, Anaconda, Flume ride, Aqua slide and dry rides such as super jumper, space shuttle, dragon coaster and zyclone.

Address: 82, Varadarajapuram, Darkas Ward – II, Near Tambaram

So, which of these is your choice of activity? Write back to us about your experiences.

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