How to get ready for Trekking

Aren’t you bored visiting the places in and around Chennai ? Break your cocoon and explore new adventures spilled around you.

Having a bundle of fascinating trekking and hiking places in and around Chennai, the biggest question is “How do I get ready for Trekking?”, Because we cannot afford to not explore the place to the fullest, once we step into it with bubbling energy. When we take a long arduous journey on our foot, it requires a lot of preparation and planning to bring out the best of trekker from within you.

#Pick up some Physical fitness

Trekking can vary depending on the distance and the terrain. But for any sort of trek, physical fitness and strength is very important. For shorter treks, just a 2 week fitness preparation will do. But when your foot has to travel longer, begin the physical strengthening sooner.

Building your strength will improve your stamina and agility giving your body time to adapt to the new environments it is put into. Begin with daily running, squats, planks, crunches and weights. A regular practice of yoga helps to boost your flexibility. All these practiced regularly will give the balance, strength and endurance needed to get up the mountain.

#Gather some mental clout

A good mental determination and ability can help you stay focused throughout the trek. Even when your muscles are conditioned, exhibiting medical fitness, your mind can bog down very easily when encountering the mildest fatigue.

Whenever there is a psychological weariness, just close your eyes and imagine the view you would enjoy or rather the adventure you would experience throughout the trek. Always visualize the sense of achievement you will go through post the trek

#Good pair of shoes

Your feet playing the most instrumental role in the trekking venture has to be supported with some good quality shoes. The shoes you choose will either make or break your trek. A good trekking shoe should have deep groves promising a good grip. A good ankle support will assure a prolonged trek.

Ensure the shoe you purchase is a water resistant hiking boots, with plenty of air and ventilation. A soft and flexible soul will make you hike in any terrain. Training with the shoes on will help you save your feet from blisters and cuts. Match your durable boots with a good pair of quality socks. Sometimes wearing even 2 pairs of socks will help your leg saved from blisters.

#Practise using your Backpack

The blunder mistake made very often by first time trekkers is that, they practice on all terrains with a lot of effort, but they don’t realise that the actual trek makes you climb with a load on your back.

The backpack is chiefly packed with all the essential items aiding a fulfilling trek. Practising with your backpack loaded on similar terrains will help you adjust according to the weight and position.

#How to pack your Backpack

An efficient packing will help you arranging all the essential items yet carrying a reduced load. The sleeping bag has to be packed at the bottom. The heaviest items go on top of the sleeping bag close to your central spine.

This structured packing, facilitates a comfortable centre of gravity. Stash the frequently used items at the top for an easy reach. Effectively compress the straps to limit the load shifting to keep your bag as sleek as possible.

 Regular treks teach a lot of life lessons which are not taught in any schools or universities. These self realisations create a great impact and instill the purpose of life.

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