What Home Buyers are Looking For – Location, Price or Vastu?

 “There is something permanent, and something extremely profound, in owning a home” – Kenny Guinn

Owning a home is a beautiful feeling. Some cherish this dream as early as when they start working and earning on their own. When the dream is close to becoming reality, it is then a lot of questions need to be answered on time.

Where is it located?

Choosing a home involves a lot of factors. The most important concern is how accessible is the home you are about to buy from your workplace. Home buyers shortlist locations for their new home based on the distance from workplace, connectivity using public transport, availability of essential amenities close by, presence of schools and colleges, etc.

If you have chosen a property that is located in a newly developing area, ensure that the security systems are in place. The location will also determine the availability of good quality maids, drivers, commute system for your children to school and back. Nowadays a lot of builders are also placing importance on distance from entertainment options like multiplexes and shopping centers so that home buyers also enjoy a good social life outside home, with family especially during weekends.

One of the major advantages for home buyers even if the location is not right in the city center is that most of the amenities are made available within the same living community in recent projects. This makes life easier most of the times.

How is it priced?

For most middle income group families’, pricing of the property is a key concern. Home buyers start analyzing whether the property they have chosen is worth the cost that is entitled to it. If your property is within a gated community, chances are that the pricing will be on the higher side depending on the in-house amenities like gym, play area, multipurpose hall.

Pricing does not get over with the cost of the apartment/house but also extends to other miscellaneous expenses incurred for registration, extra costs for parking amenities, lifelong costs attached to maintenance of the flat, etc. A home buyer needs to consider these overall costs while making the final decision.

Is the house vaasthu compliant?

A study by a leading property website states that 93 percent home buyers want their homes to comply to Vaasthu Shastra norms. Many builders and promoters address the concerns surrounding vaasthu right at the beginning of the project. But it is not always possible for all houses to be perfectly vaasthu compliant as they are structures raised together within a limited space. Also, for a builder, building all the homes as per Vaasthu norms will cause an escalation of prices.

The usual trend is that when a project is launched, the vaasthu compliant houses get booked first due to preferences of most home buyers. If you are someone too concerned about vaasthu, you must make faster moves while booking the flat you desire. However, it is not the end of all. Even if you identify a good house which has some defects when it comes to vaasthu, it can always be rectified. Remedial measures are available in plenty with respect to vaasthu compliance. Hence, this should not cause a major worry to home buyers when compared to location and pricing. Ensure that you approach an authorized vaasthu consultant/expert if you wish to go in for changes.

Location, price or vaasthu are three factors that have a significant impact on the home-buying decision. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right house that satisfies all these concerns can sometimes delay your home buying decision. So, it is advised to prioritize what is most important to you as a home-buyer and go ahead to make your dream home a reality.

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