Why Chennai should be the investment destination for NRIs ?

Are you a Non Resident Indian (NRI) who wants to Invest In India? Are you confused where to invest? look no further, this blog is for you (Also for our regular reader, obviously)

“Namathu“ Chennai is no wonder a city of vibrancy and colour. From Marina Beach to MAC Stadium, from Kapaleeswarer Temple to St.Thomas mount to Mount road Dargah, the City is filled with diversity and manages to prosper unilaterally. But, does this only define Chennai ? Absolutely no! Chennai is also a hotspot of foreign Investment much before its sister metro cities such as Bengaluru and Hyderabad. There is a reason why it’s called as the “Detroit of Asia“. This city is the powerhouse of Automobile and other service sector Industries all over India. 

Now, let’s jump to the 7 advantages of investing properties in Chennai regardless if you are a NRI.

1. Feasibility in buying

Chennai Provides its investors from foreign with simple steps of acquiring Property. Take Lokaa developers for example, we had invited NRIs in Dubai for our M-One Project through a trade fair  and the response was overwhelming. One reason why they are liking this project is its ease of registration, Not to mention its magnificent architecture and cutting edge facilities. 60% Registrations have already been done even before 50% completion. Such is the demand for this magnum opus project of Lokaa from NRIs. (NRI Guidelines)

2. Excellence in transportation

Chennai has been the stalwart of transportation from roadways to railways, From seaways to airways this particular city has been the pinnacle of transportation only behind its fellow sister metro cities of Mumbai and Kolkata . Imagine a city which has a train terminal, a bus terminal ,an international airport, an state of art harbour and a 6 lane expressway (outer ring road) what else do we need? Our own M-One project is located near Madhavaram’s Multi storey bus terminal. we love to be fast in this competitive world, don’t we?


3. Destination for medical care

Life is precious but what saves it is much more precious, so is Medical care. Chennai has been the pioneer of healthcare in all over India just behind Delhi. The Deccan chronicle suggests that Chennai is the most preferred medical tourist destination for foreigners and other state Indians. This is the best evidence to prove that Chennai is the medical tourism capital of India. If you have someone with any ailment and are you ready to move? Chennai is the place to be.

4. Less traffic

Compared to ever lining traffics of Mumbai and Bengaluru, Chennai is Sparsely populated and more easy for road access. Due to its exemplary local mass transit system; Chennai’s road transport system has to bear little pressure which makes road travel much more easy. Lokaa developers which happen to be best real estate in Chennai are known for their astute understanding of transportation system; That’s one of the biggest reason why Our own magnum opus Project M-one is situated near an excellent by-pass road and metro stations which will pop up in near future. Not a big fan of traffic signals and heavy crowd? Then Chennai is your place to move.

5. Capital of education

Chennai in recent times has become the land of education from IIT to Anna university this city is known as the Most Sought after education destination for not only people from many other Indian states but also many overseas students. Tamil Nadu is also home for highest number of medical colleges in India and Chennai tops the list of metro cities with most International schools in India. Why do we have to move abroad when you can enjoy excellent education at luxury of your homeland?

6. Availability of plots

Unlike other metros in India, Chennai is known for its real estate establishments. The Plots have so much potential to be developed; According to a newspaper survey, Chennai has the highest number of land properties owned by NRIs. Known for its ever growing appreciation Land properties tend have a demand in NRI circles, giving them ample time to see market trends to Further construct a home or sell off the land. Not Interested In buying an home? Buy a land in heavily Potent Chennai Real estate market and wait for it to bestow its benefits.

7. Everlasting water resources

Chennai is known for its torrential rains and Lakes all around its Area. From retteri lake (opposite of M-one project) to the Beautiful Red Hills lake (just 15 mins from M-One Project in madhavaram ) to sholavaram lake , Poondi Dam Etc.., This city is not only backed up by Water resources but also gets recharged every year through Torrential rains. Our own M-One project which is Located tactfully in North Chennai, A place which is filled with excellent Ground water sources and external water resources is just an example of how good the water availability is in Chennai . 

Above points are just a summary of the Potency of Suitablity for NRIs who want to Invest in world class properties in India. We Humbly suggest you to Visit M-One project and email us for further inquiry to have a peek at our magnum opus project .

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