What Can You Buy In 80 Lakhs?


80 lakh is a substantial amount. If you have that much to spare, the options are quite limitless, as to what you can buy with it. Your final decision will depend on various factors such as your immediate needs, your overall net worth, your future financial security, and your dreams and aspirations. It’s possible that you are an impulsive person and would spend the amount on shopping for your favourite items. Or you may be a more mature person, who would want to invest the money so that it can give good returns in the future. Since every individual is unique, we believe each one of us will have a different idea on how to spend Rs 80 lakh. Here are some of the most common ideas, in terms of what you can buy in 80 lakh.

#1 Jewellery

Buying jewellery would be a good option if you are trying to delight your loved one. With 80 lakh, you can buy an entire collection of jewellery or order customized jewellery based on your specific requirements. You can give it to your loved one as a surprise gift on your marriage anniversary or any other occasion or maybe the day that you both cherish in your lives. Buying jewellery would also be a good investment since prices of precious metals and diamonds will continue to increase. It’s true that there are price fluctuations, but buying jewellery would be profitable in the long run. It could also be part of your family assets that are passed on from one generation to another. Gifting jewellery to your loved one would make for unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

#2 Car

Some people are crazy about cars and if you share similar tastes, then go ahead and drive your passion. With 80 lakh, there’s no stopping you, as you can buy one of the fastest cars on the planet. You can also choose from the most powerful or royal cars if you are planning to make a statement to the world that you have arrived. Some top options to consider in the 80 lakh range would include Jaguar F-Pace, Land Rover Discovery, Porsche Cayenne, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Mercedes-Benz GLS, BMW Z4, Volvo XC90, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Mustang, Audi Q7, etc. Buying a car may give you the most pleasure, but its value will continue to decrease due to depreciation. However, it would definitely be useful in making a style statement and helping you expand your social and professional connections.

#3 Luxury Wedding

Your wedding is amongst the major milestones of your life, so why not make it grand. With 80 lakh, you can hire a top wedding planner who will take care of everything on your behalf and ensure a delightful experience for everyone. Your luxury wedding could be based on a specific theme and it could feature various artists, acrobats, and even TV and film celebrities or stand-up comedians. You can choose to rent space inside a five-star hotel or book a fort or other ancient structure. Your luxury wedding planner should be able to fulfill all such needs and related things such as food & beverages, hospitality, entertainment, venue decoration, etc. A luxury wedding would be a memorable event in your life.

#4 Ticket to world tour

Going on a world tour with your loved ones will be an exciting journey and provide for wonderful memories. With 80 lakh, you can easily cover most of the leading tourist destinations around the world and still have enough left with you for your shopping and other expenses. Some top options to consider for your world tour include:

  • Around the world in 80 days (covers destinations mentioned in the legendary book written by Jules Verne)
  • The seven wonders of the world
  • The seven continents
  • World Safari
  • The best beaches in the world tour

You can also customize your world tour to choose locations you want to visit and how much time you want to spend at a particular location.


If you choose wisely and with a little bit of luck, your investments in shares could witness a multifold rise in its value. At the time of investing 80 lakh in shares, it may not be as exciting as buying a car or going on a world tour. However, after 5-10 years, when you notice the multifold increase in the value of shares, it would be a very satisfying and rewarding experience. The only problem is that buying shares has its risks, as even the best companies have failed in the past. To reduce the risks, you need to have a diversified portfolio, comprising shares of multiple companies. Investing in shares can be hugely profitable and they can also result in a major loss. Buy shares if you have a steady income source and your financial future is secure.

#6 Homes

With 80 lakh, you can afford to buy a luxury apartment or other premium dwelling spaces such as row house, independent bungalow, etc. Buying a home is a good choice since its value will always keep appreciating. It could be your permanent home, or you could give it on rent and sell it at a later date. Before buying a home, you should evaluate the reputation of the builder and ensure that the project has received all permissions and approvals. You need to make sure that the project is located in a good neighbourhood. You also need to confirm that the project has all the essential amenities such as swimming pool, gym, indoor and outdoor games, children’s play area, multipurpose hall, etc.

So, which one of the above is the best option? Well, it’s difficult to say because it all depends on what you want from life, what gives you more pleasure, and what makes you tick. It’s all about your priorities and the choice, whether you want to buy something for yourself or gift something to your loved one. For example, you may be interested in buying a top-end car, but you can also consider buying jewellery for your loved one. Overall, buying a home seems a better option than all others, since it is safe and profitable and a reason for joy and happiness for the entire family. However, that’s just an opinion. You can spend your 80 lakh the way you want, based on what gives you the most pleasure and satisfaction.

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