10 Best Places To Visit In And Around Madhavaram, Chennai

Come weekend and your family starts planning out that weekend trip even before Friday ends. The presumption that the go-to places of Chennai are often located in Central Chennai or South Chennai is slowly changing. These days, families want to spend less and have more fun during weekends and outings. So, where can you go if you live in the North Chennai boundaries?

We discovered 10 gems of places for people who are planning to buy a home near Madhavaram:

1. Retteri Lake: Also known as the Madhavaram Rettal Eri lake, Retteri Lake is the place where you and your family could take a short trip to and spend a few hours spotting birds, playing a pebble-skate game on the shallow waters or catching some local fish in the lake. This place also witnesses many kids with their sketch-pads to paint some natural scenery sitting on the breezy banks of the lake.

Retteri Lake

2. CSI Church, Puzhal: Located a few kilometers away from Madhavaram, this is a serene place where you could go on Sundays for a silent prayer with the family. You will also get a chance to meet other families in the same area who share similar religious ideologies as yours.

3. Aavin Park: Madhavaram is known just for that. The milk factory is a common place for schools who plan one-day picnics, taking the school children to visit the Aavin milk factory to see how milk is manufactured and packaged for sale. The Aavin park located near the premises is a place to chill out for families in the evenings.

4. Madhavaram Botanical Garden: With small trees, beautiful herbal gardens, ornamental plants to entice the visitors, the botanical garden is a haven for morning walkers.  Built over an area of 28 acres, it serves as a recreational space for the North Chennai residents.

Madhavaram Botanical Garden

5. Kailasanathar Temple: Located 1 kilometer away from the Madhavaram bus depot, this Lord Shiva temple is said to be about 1300 years old. Built in the ancient time period, the temple still stands the test of time and serves as a religious meeting place for many residents of the area.

6. Kids World, Choolai: Of course, there are a few places for the shopper in you. Who wouldn’t love shopping for family and especially for kids? Although a few kilometres away from Madhavaram, the ‘Kids World’ outlet located in Choolai will be a one-stop shop for all your cloth purchases for family and kids. So, why not enjoy that Sunday evening getting accessories for your child’s favourite party-wear at Kids World?

7. Regional rail museum, ICF: The Integral Coach Factory at ICF, Avadi is quite close to the locality of Madhavaram and houses this interesting museum featuring the rich history of the rail system in India. An interesting learning space for children, the rail museum never fails to fascinate young minds with its collection of historical masterpieces.

Regional rail museum, ICF

8. Mahatma Gandhi Park: Located near Perambur flyover, close to Madhavaram, this park is one of the many recreational parks available for residents of the locality. An evening at the park with your family will be the perfect getaway to beat the summers.

9. Our Lady Of Lourdes Shrine: Also located near Perambur, this is the first shrine in India dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes, built in the year 1897. It is a 114-year-old shrine, where once the statue of Mother Mary was said to have blinked at the devotees. This incident drew a lot of people and the shrine became famous landmark.

Our Lady Of Lourdes Shrine

10. AGS Cinemas, Villivakkam: What is a must-see places list without a cinema multiplex called? Empty list.  So, here we let you know that closer to Madhavaram is the Villivakkam AGS Cinemas where you can enjoy that cold drink, popcorn and the latest movie in the market with your family.

The list doesn’t stop here. We will keep discovering more entertaining spaces for you in the locality. Till then, we hope you will discover a few new ones yourself and feel at home in Madhavaram!

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