Apartment Vs. Independent House – Make the Right Choice

‘Pudhu veedu, pudhu car.. kalakkara Chandruuuuu…!’, remember this advertisement that used to play on television long back? When you buy a house, you become the talk of the town or atleast the talk of your entire network of family and friends. However, deciding what type of house to choose  can be a  daunting task. You will have opinions from all directions pointing out to the advantages and disadvantages of having your own house versus living in an apartment.

When nuclear families are on the rise and joint families slowly fading out of the system, it sounds like a good option to live within a community to still have that sense of togetherness with other people in the locality. Yet, living in an individual house sparks the thought of getting complete privacy and offers freedom from the mandatory maintenance charges that burn a hole in your pocket while living in an apartment. Here we present to you five points to ponder over while deciding whether to live in an apartment or an individual house.

‘Life in a Bungalow- Be the boss at your own house’

What you get?

  1. Complete privacy for the entire family.
  2. Own a lot of space to pursue hobbies like gardening; have your own private play area.
  3. Do renovations and reconstructions at your own will internally and externally.
  4. Develop the building further and rent out a storey if required.
  5. Handle all maintenance like repainting, electrical repairs, etc. based on your convenience.


What you lose?

  1. Sometimes, a sense of loneliness might creep in, especially when you have kids.
  2. You will have to find places of recreation in the locality, like parks on your own so your kids can go and play.
  3. Every time you have a maintenance requirement coming up, you have to look for servicemen who will do the work for you. However, these days with service-on-call apps available, this task is not so tough.
  4. If you have elders at home, you might find it unsafe to leave them unattended at home and go to work.
  5. Building your own home means you will be handling the entire financial flow yourself. Financial stability is a huge cause of concern when you start off on constructing your own house. Unlike apartment builders who help in procuring loans, in this case, you will be the sole person who will be putting efforts into identifying and securing a loan with banks.



‘Bond together within a gated community’

What you get?

  1. Make a lot of life-long friendships with people living next to you.
  2. Children get a dedicated play-area where they can spend time safely with friends.
  3. When you go out-of-station, you can lock your house and travel without worries as the entire complex is secured and you have people around all the time.
  4. A lot of extra amenities like the gym, multi-purpose halls, play area, ATM, etc are available within the compound.
  5. You can deal with local civic complaints as a community/apartment association and that will have a better result as compared to approaching the Government agencies as an individual.


What you lose?

  1. Compared to own house where you own the land, the share of land that is assigned while you buy an apartment is lesser.
  2. Having pets is prohibited in some apartments and it could get difficult to handle neighbours’ reactions to pets even if it’s allowed.
  3. If you are a nature lover, the utmost you can do is keeping some potted plants in your balcony.
  4. When in an apartment, you always share the walls of your flat with the neighbor. That means that you are not in a noise-proof zone. Pets and children next door can interrupt your peace now and then.
  5. Some of the builders might use low-quality materials to make indoor amenities like wardrobes at the time of construction and you might have to pay the price later to repair them.

Despite the pros and cons that both the options bring with them, there are always remedial measures for some of the disadvantages that arise. Hence, always weigh and see which form of housing will benefit you and your circumstances better and go for it!

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