10 Most Important Amenities That Home Buyers Look For While Buying Apartments

In just about any metro city in India, major developers and builders are all scrambling hard to keep pace with the rising demand for an urban lifestyle in multifamily housing apartments. Although property managers have added a wide array of preferred amenities to their housing units, there is always something more a potential resident look for. Especially, in metros where progressively people get migrated due to work and retirement, the demand for all-inclusive amenities with more breathing space and better comforts caught interests. Here are 10 most important amenities that home buyers look for while buying an apartment.

Fitness Center – Having a fitness center within the society premises means no monthly/yearly membership fee plus no waiting time for exercise machines to get free. For many homeowners, it makes a lot of sense to stay in and work out. In fact, industry observers say home buyers are increasingly choosing in-home gym/fitness center as a must-have amenities when buying a property.

Open Space – Being physically active is more than a personal choice, especially for elder people that cannot hit the gym and do strenuous exercises. In such case, open walkable space in the society buildings can strongly influence people to walk and take a fresh breath while adding life to their living. This is one of the most convenient amenities that a builder can offer.

Swimming Pool – A swimming pool at your complex may seem like an indulgence for some, but if you live in a hot city like Chennai, this amenity can be very important. However, maintaining the pool at its best is definitely a time-consuming and expensive job that many builders fail to carry out.

Parking Space – Sufficient parking space is another important facility a home buyer look for when choosing an apartment. Moreover, multifamily people generally have more than one car so having a covered double parking can offer peace of mind to the buyer.

Security – Apartment living is different from traditional independent houses, where the main entrance of your house and your neighbour’s house generally remain close all the time.  Without security guards personally monitoring the people moving in and out of the society complex on a 24*7 basis, the life and property could be at great risk.

Play Area – With most kids obsessed with mobile and tablets, parents these days wants their children to go out and play in order to get some physical activity done. Also, such activities are required for comprehensive growth and a well-designed safe play area for kids can be really handy within the society premises.

Senior Citizen Space – Having a separate senior citizen space is also required. Such places offer comfort to elder people at home with comfortable seating and open space for fresh air. In many societies, such space is utilized to form a laughing or a yoga club.

Power Back-up – Power outages is a common problem in every apartment building. In order to remain at ease, most residents prefer having a power back-up equipped in their apartment. A fixed generator through which resident’s AC, electrical appliances, fans, and lights can work is very much in vogue.

WiFi – With technology changing rapidly, residents wants to hover over next wave of innovation. Growing number of residents’ believe cable and Wifi is an entitlement more than an amenity.

Club House – Throwing a party for a birthday, anniversary, graduation etc cannot be avoided these days. However, hunting for an event hall every time can be really annoying for homeowners. Whereas having a club house or a party hall within the society building will surely be a great deal.

For most residents, apartment amenities are as important as the apartment itself. They make the living place special and striking; hence developers that are going hand-in-hand with offering latest amenities to home buyers will surely entice more buyers.

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