7 Upcoming Architecture Trends of 2018 for Homes


The job of an architect is to see the future, address the needs of the present, by taking inspiration from the past. Homes with fine architecture are not only delightful to own, but also provide a comfy living experience. You might have the best interior decor, but if the exteriors are not up to the mark then you will feel the pinch, now or later. This is why a home’s architecture is important. It is the crux upon which all the other sophistications lie. The best house architecture is one that supports the needs of its dwellers. And to meet these needs, there are new home architecture trends that emerge every year. 2017 has had its own share of Eco-friendly architectural trends, but 2018 comes with a whole new list. If you are a homeowner, who wants to give a functional as well as decoration touch to your home then the below-given architecture trends would be a great read through.

Trend #1: Merging of the Public and Private Spaces

Urban areas of India are today more thickly populated than they ever were. This means traffic congestion and space crunch. The cities are struggling to provide apt living areas to the growing populace. The vacant areas around the city are running out very fast and even extending the cityscape, which includes the outskirts, and it is not helping the cause. This is why the merging of public and private spaces is a logical architectural trend for 2018. Earlier, the cities had well designated residential, industrial, and commercial areas. This year will change all that. Combining all these spaces into a single area would not only address the growing space crunch but also minimize the transportation needs of the residents, catering for a happy living experience.

Trend #2: Emergence of Outdoor Rooms

Staying on the theme of space crunch; the urban dwellers need to utilize each and every inch of their property wisely. This will lead to the creative utilization of outdoor spaces within the property. In the last couple of years, the notion of formal room designations has already vanished. Today, the living rooms, kitchens, and dining spaces share common areas freeing up space for other rooms. 2018 will see a further drift from the formal spaces. This year will be marked by the use of outdoor kitchens, decks, patios, and outdoor grills. When such spaces are taken outside, it will help keep the interiors more organized and boost up the storage spaces.

Trend #3: Continued Interest in Eco-friendliness

As mentioned before, 2017 was the year for Eco-friendly architecture, and 2018 would take this trend forward. In the bygone year, green terraces, eco-friendly materials, and green bridges were dominant in the world of architecture. As the predictions have it, this year architects would delight their clients with green roofs and green walls. Buildings will see more green areas inside them and some may even have indoor green parks (with climate control mechanism).

Trend #4: Utilization of Wood and Mud

This is evolution going backwards! With the newfound skills, among the top architects, of designing strong structures utilizing cross-laminated timber panels, such as building materials would be widely used in construction. With its enhanced fire resistant properties, the timber panels would replace concrete and iron in various house projects. As the year moves on, architects might even contemplate using timber in building skyscrapers. Experimentations with wood and dirt mixture are already in the process in the architectural world.

Trend #5: Development of “You Spaces”

With the constant bombardment of technology, it is becoming hard for the homeowners to spend some time in solitude in their own house. This is going to lead to the evolution of a new architectural concept “You Rooms”. These spaces would serve as solitude areas within the property where the people can simply relax and contemplate. With the freed up spaces (due to the sharing concept of rooms), such rooms can now be easily accommodated within the property. With their minimalistic interiors, these would be green areas of the house.

Trend #6: Use of Sustainable Practices

We are depleting our natural resources at a really fast pace. So, the call is for sustainable practices and the architectural world will compliment that. Architects would dish out homes with various sustainable energy sources, which could include Photovoltaic roof panels, energy efficient lighting & heating solutions, increased insulation through walls, floors & roof, etc.

Trend #7: Popularity of Starchitecture

With people growing bored of the traditional rectangular architecture, this year will see a renewed interest in Starchitecture. Unconventionally shaped houses with eye-catchy designs would dominate the architectural world. Homeowners can get all creative and the architects would oblige to their concepts.


Now that you know about the trends of the year, we hope you would utilize some of them while building your new house. The architectural trends for 2018 are a complete blend of the functional and the logical!

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