5 Departmental stores that cater to all your needs in Madhavaram

Madhavaram is a promising real estate avenue, situated towards the North of Chennai Metropolitan. The properties in Madhavaram have remained popular among the real estate investors over the last five years and more. The biggest asset of this residential area is its amalgamation of the old time feel and the modern way of life. The residents of Madhavaram enjoy a great lifestyle, thanks to the abundant options they find in close vicinity. Whether it is their quest to find a global school or a reputed hospital, Madhavaram has it all. The street side shops, as well as the lavish malls, are supporting the differential shopping needs of Madhavaram dwellers. Departmental stores are the biggest assets of any residential area, as they support the basic requirements of life. Madhavaram is blessed in that regards, as the area has a number of great departmental stores. If you are new to Madhavaram then the below-provided list of best departmental stores would be immensely helpful to your cause. So, come let us take a look.

#1: Nilgiris Super Market

Situated in the RC Queens Park area (near KKR Garden), Nilgiris Super Market is a well-known name among the residents of Madhavaram. This departmental store welcomes you with its rich array of products and brands. This chain of departmental stores was established in 2012 and ever since has catered the best range of products to the shoppers in and around Chennai. With years, this large departmental store has added more products and sections to its collection. The establishment remains open from 9 in the morning to 9:30 at night. The prompt and courteous staff in Nilgiris Super Market remains steadfast at helping the customers in locating their choice of products or answering any question. Nilgiris Super Market can be easily spotted by the first time visitors.

#2: Reliance Market

This large departmental store is situated at the Old Bata Warehouse Building, just behind the Madhavaram Circle Bus stop. Reliance Market has emerged as the best place to visit for fresh vegetables and fruits. With their affordable pricing and great customer services, this departmental store is catering to every shopping requirement of the Madhavaram dwellers. Apart from vegetables, fruits, and groceries the Reliance Market also offers a rich collection of latest fashion clothing. The market has a separate cosmetics section as well. With its special parking area, this is a delightful store to walk into. The store is open between 9 AM and 9 PM.

#3: More Market

More Market is another essential departmental store in the vicinity of Madhavaram. It can be located at K.K.R. Nagar, near Madhavaram High Road. More Market brings a range of brands and products for the shoppers. From food & beverages to fruits & vegetables and from fashion & accessories to home care needs – More has it all. What’s more, if you are a member of the Club, More rewards programs with which you stand a chance to win handsome offers. If you are in search of a one-stop shopping destination then More Market is your best bet.

#4: Kumaran Super Market

Kumaran Super Market is more of a local departmental store. Kumaran has been competing with all the other reputed chain stores efficiently over the years. Do not go by the simplistic exteriors of this departmental store. Just venture inside and you will be amazed by their range of products and brands. Whether you want the spices or home utensils you are sure to find it on the racks of Kumaran Super Market. There is enough variety here to meet all your shopping needs. Kumaran Super Market is open between 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM on all days.

#5: Mullai Super Market

If you are running on a tight budget, then Mullai is the perfect store to visit. Situated in the locality of Shanmugasundaram Nagar along the M.H. Road, Mullai Super Market offers the most cost-effective shopping experience to the dwellers of Madhavaram. With great discounts and budget-minded products, Mullai Super Market caters to hundreds of shoppers every day. If you take a look at their selection of products and brands you will find a local flavour in them. Vast selections of product ranges are neatly arranged on the racks of this store. Mullai Super Market is open between 7 AM to 8 PM on all days of the week.

The role of departmental stores is essential for supporting the populace of Madhavaram. Lucky then, that the dwellers of this Chennai suburb area have so many great choices. All the departmental stores mentioned above are easy to reach and once you are inside these stores, you will be dazzled by the range of their products. So, happy shopping to you! Do write back to us about your shopping experiences in Madhavaram.

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